Watch Lady Death Online Now!

Our short film Lady Death is now available to watch online. Written and Directed by Karen Quinn, cinematography by Stephen Coyle, and starring Katrina McKeever (Lady Death), Corey Millar (Man) and Carla Bryson (Poppy).

Lady Death would like a companion, just like everyone else. However, striking fear into the hearts of everyone she meets, this has proven to be a challenge. It is only when she is greeted by a mysterious visitor, does she get the opportunity to prove she is more than something to be feared.

Shortlisted for the Jameson First Short Competition in 2016, and screened at the 2017 Belfast Film Festival, Film Devour 23 (check out the review here!), Culture Night 2018 (Banterflix interview here), Glór Ennis in Clare, Disappear Here Film Festival in Donegal, and Jim Thorpe Indie Film Festival in Pennsylvania.

Viewer discretion advised, contains mild references to death and suicide]