Lady Death – A Short Film

Hi there,

We’re working on our first big short and we need your support! We have started an online campaign to help raise funds for Lady Death. Any support at all is greatly appreciated, be it donations or even sharing our campaign link social media. You can access the campaign by clicking here.

Opportunities don’t always come your way (we at QuothMe headquarters have all fallen victim to that fact – sob!). So, sometimes, it’s necessary to make opportunities yourself. Before QuothMe was even conceived, I began to look at new ways to work in an area that I am passionate about (writing), as well as develop new skills in film production (because I liked watching them, I figured I might like to make them too). So that’s how QuothMe was born. I assembled a team of enthusiastic volunteers with unique skills and talents. They were all more than eager to help, and prove that they have what it takes to work in the industry. Really I was lucky to meet new and talented creatives from across Northern Ireland, who were actually interested in what I had to say (I just don’t tell them that, I take the “treat them mean, keep them keen” approach). From actors to artists and musicians – I soon discovered that there are a lot of young people out there who are looking for that first shot, and are willing to work together to create something special. Together, we developed Shakespeare videos for our first project, known as QuothShakespeare. I soon realised that QuothMe could grow and actually create new drama, with new voices at the helm. And it could be more than that too. It could something that could inspire young people globally, to encourage them to work together to create new and fabulous things.

Now that we’re more confident in the area of production and filmmaking, our next big step is to make our very first and ambitious short, with everybody working on a voluntary basis. We have no budget – but we have a lot of talent.  We’re hoping that we can create something that we can all be proud of.

Thanks for reading – and again, for your endless support.

Leader of QuothMe Films